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I had a great and fun time during my stay in Ireland in April 2013, especially because of my host mum Melanie and her incredibly nice and friendly family. Everybody made me feel welcome straight from the beginning.

Melanie has always looked after me and made sure that I feel comfortable in her house. She organised my work placement in a letting agency. I worked in an office with the other staff, which was great practise for my english. I also worked at the front desk, which was also good for my confidence in speaking the language.

Because of Melanie's open-minded character it was very easy to talk to her which helped me a lot to improve my English. Besides that, she is an awesome cook! Her food tasted so delicious!

In my spare time Melanie did lots of activities with me and some of my friends. One day we went hiking on a beautiful mountain, the other day we were relaxing in the local spa. We also enjoyed shopping trips and a bowling night.

I had a wonderful time in Ireland– Thanks a million Melanie! :-)


Yours Lena Matuschka, Vienna, Austria


In 2010 my twin brother Patrick and me were for two weeks in Clonmel on work experience.

And it was two really great weeks with a lot of fun and new experiences. Everything was so well organized and our host family stay with Melanie was really nice too. We felt at home from the beginning even though we didn't know each other before. Melanie drove us to work or to downtown every day, she cooked really well and we talked a lot to each other.


Overall we can say that this two weeks didn't just improve our English a lot it showed us also how life in Ireland looks like and how kind and hospitable people in Ireland are :)


Best regards from Vienna, Patrick and Dominik 



A few years ago I got a chance from the Slovak government to improve my language skills and learn more about a different country. 

It was the best experience in my life. I got a very kind, friendly and helpful host family and they become my second parents for 8 months. They cared about me in every each way. Of course sometimes homesick defeated my emotions but Melanie, my host mother did everything to forget those feelings and just enjoy my time.  If I had a chance again to choose a family I would choose Melanie, because she is a great teacher and a mother to all children.   


Judita Fodorová, Slovakia



During my work experience at an estate office in Clonmel I stayed two weeks with Melanie and her family. I felt warmly welcomed and really enjoyed my stay there.

Clonmel was a nice town with a lot of unique stores and lovely cafe bars which were perfect for going for a stroll. Since I travel a lot I have stayed at several host families so far but Melaine and her family has been the best host family I have ever been to.  I can only recommend Melanie since she was always helpful and took care of me.


Maresi Trattner, Vienna, Austria


Two years ago I decided to leave France for an international experience in the aim to improve my English speaking. 

I located a house in the beautiful place of Tipperary . I met Melanie the big boss of the family. During my experience I was considered part of the family. Melanie is approachable and so kind. She will take you to visit places you can't imagine how beautiful it is. If I had to go back to Ireland for sure I will choose to go back to Melanie.


Elie De Fonclare, Paris



My name is Hadrien and I am a 19 year old French student. I stayed twice in Melanie house approximately for 3 weeks each time.

I really enjoyed staying with her and her family, they are really welcoming and nice. I am a little bit shy and she manages to propose activities and experiment. I discovered a lot as the Irish culture and the way they live. I actually came back in Ireland due to the good memories I got when I was back there. After the few first day I really feel like I was a “special” member of the family. The most important to me was that she and her family were always present and comprehensive. 


Hadrien de Lamotte, Paris


In spring of 2010, I was at an internship in an accounting office in Clonmel, Ireland. I got a chance to perform part of my internship abroad and I decided to seize the opportunity. 

Housing was arranged with Melanie and her family, who were absolutely great! The family was just wonderful!! 

It was nice to be part of a family, for example I could go to hobbies with the family and be part of their local culture. I did a lot of things which could have been left undone if I hadn't lived there otherwise.


Mika Nokso, Kurikka, Finland



I was staying 4 weeks at Clonmel and that was amazing. My host family was perfect and my internship in a local bakery was great.

All people were so nice to me, even if i didn't know who they were. Ireland ,especially Clerihan and Clonmel with all the shops and beautiful landscapes, I will never forget. We visited Dublin, which was a great experience too. I also went for a hike to the mountain with Melanie and my Finnish and Irish friends. Ireland made a huge impression on me and I recommend to everyone this experience. You won't regret it.


Jonna Paivansade, Finland


Ireland is a beautiful, green country!. The Irish people love to talk and they will be very happy to help you. 

I had lots of fantastic trips and activities. In the beginning I was worried about talking English, but thanks to Melanie, I was no longer worried. We talked all the time. This made my English much better. Melanie organised for me a work placement in a hotel and it was really interesting and I enjoyed it. Luckily I was more confident to speak English. The other staff at the hotel were very helpful and nice. One day I worked with the boss, it was a pleasure to work there.


Karol Brzozo,  Kielce, Poland


My school gave me a chance to study part of my school time abroad. I chose Ireland to be my number one choice of the countries that student change was possible. 

I was really happy to hear I was chosen to go to Clonmel with two other Finnish girls. During my internship for a month in Ireland, I worked in a Restaurant /Bed and Breakfast. Everyone was super nice and I was never left without instructions. It was really lovely to get a chance to see different parts of Ireland, example Dublin. I even climbed a mountain with Melanie! She made me feel very welcome to Ireland. If you have the chance to go abroad with your school, I recommend Ireland with warm feelings.


Titta Koskela,  Finland



It still comes to my mind, this wonderful stay in Ireland. I had a great time there and an opportunity to check my english language skills are good enough to communicate fluently with native speakers.

The host family treated me like I was their own child and during my stay with them, we talked about new things I was experiencing in Ireland. Melanie organised a work placement in an accountants office for me. They made me feel very welcome. I hope that one day I could go back to Clonmel to meet with my employer and maybe even work there!


 Syzmon Lasota, kielce, Poland


I went to Ireland in June 2014, for a two week work experience at the Clonmel Junction Festival. I stayed in Melanie's home with her family. They were all so friendly and welcoming. It only took me a few minutes to feel at home!

Melanie was so kind and intentioned, she is also very helpful when it comes to improving your English, she is always happy to talk. She took me to see lots of beautiful sites, to the beach, to a medieval castle. Even the scenery around her house is beautiful for a little walk. My work experience was awesome. I did administration, creative and commercial work. I would love to do it again and with Melanie.


Paul-Adrien Brillatz, Paris, France








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