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Ireland is renowned globally as a captivating land, where folklore and reality have blended happily for centuries.

Irish castles emanating the romantic feel of this wonderful country. We want you to sample our world famous friendliness and hospitality.


Our company will ensure that students are taken care of twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and we are more than happy to accommodate you, should you wish to take the time to view some of the historic sights.


Not only does Clonmel and its environs offer ample opportunity to explore the outdoors and part take in many activities and adventures, but our excellent road network offers quick and easy access to some of our most beautiful cities, with Cork , Kilkenny and Dublin only a short trip away and the west of Ireland, a longer trip but well worth the journey.


We are happy to point you in the right direction and help organise an itinerary based on your specific needs. We have a network of restaurants, car hire and bus services that we can recommend.


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Hiberno-English Ireland offers


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Welcome To Ireland





Hiberno-English Ireland


  • Experienced in delivering excellent English learning programmes for student groups and individual students.
  • We can arrange a presentation in your country.
  • Fully evaluates all host families and work placements.
  • We will fully assist and support students and teachers twenty four hours a day seven day a week on their stay in Ireland.
  • We will arrange accommodation for teachers upon request.

  • On arrival we will provide an orientation meeting for all of the students, where we will give them valuable information concerning their work placement, host families and an insight into the Irish culture and way of life. We will also outline to students the expectations we have of them on their stay in Ireland.
  • We will always be happy to hear students feedback on their work placements and host family.


Hiberno-English Ireland will present each student with a certificate on completion of their work placement



Work Placements

  • Office environment, Estate Agents, Legal offices, Accountants, Political office.
  • Hotel and catering environment , bars, restaurants and cafes.
  • Childcare
  • Equestrian centre, Garden centres, Factories.
  • Art galleries, Museums, Tourism Industry
  • Radio
  • Laboratory Technician


If there is a work placement of interest to a student not listed, we would be happy to know and will do our best to accomodate.


Important Information

It is necessary that the schools insurance policy covers students to participate in Hiberno-English Ireland's programme.


  • Students who take on a voluntary work placement must be covered by the insurance.
  • Travel insurance is not sufficient.
  • It is unlikely that students will be covered by work placement company.
  • It is the responsibility of the school and teacher[s] to ensure insurance policies are valid.
  • It is the responsibility of teachers to ensure all students take a copy of the valid insurance policy for their work placement to view.
  • Students are required to arrange private health/travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances medically during their stay in Ireland.


It is necessary to bring a copy of each students insurance policy and a European health insurance card. The card will provide free access to hospital, doctor and some dental assistance.


Creative Ireland



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