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Information For Students

Hiberno-English Ireland offers students a personal approach in our English learning programmes, where you will be immersed into the workplace, family, social and cultural life of Ireland.

Our language programme offers student groups and individual students a unique opportunity to learn/improve the English language. We offer specially tailored work experience and internship that will ensure that each student is placed in an environment suitable to their skills and competence. Students will receive a certificate on completion of their work experience.


There will be individual support given to each student in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


If there is a work placement of interest not listed, we would be happy to know and we will do our best to accommodate.


Not only will we take you to visit well known locations on your cultural tours, but we will also take you away from the main tourist tracks and trails and into the heart of Ireland, where you will discover hidden treasures of the area, connecting you with the local people and culture.


On the edge of the Atlantic ocean

On arrival to Ireland

We will collect students from the airport and take you to your destination.


We will provide an orientation meeting, with valuable information concerning students work placement, host families and also an insight into the Irish culture and way of life.


Students will meet their host families, where they will be sure to receive a warm Irish Welcome.


Students need to have private insurance to cover your stay in Ireland.


Students must bring a copy of their insurance and European health insurance card. This card will cover students for free doctor, hospital and some dental services.


Students must carry appropriate clothes for their work placement. Neat dress is essential. We advise black shoes, white shirts, black trousers/skirt.


Where students work placement does not require neat dress, i.e. equestrian centre, garden centre etc., we will advice students on dress code.


We advise students to check with the airline they are flying with on luggage restrictions and remind students to always carry valuables in carry on luggage.


Students need to ensure they have access to their CV {Curriculum Vitae}, should it be needed on their stay in Ireland.


It is also necessary for students to bring a copy of their schools insurance policy to give to their work placement on first day of work experience.


Mobile Phones

Students are advised to take a mobile phone with them to Ireland. It is important that Hiberno-English Ireland and host families can contact you. On arrival students can purchase an Irish sim card, ensuring your phone costs are less expensive.




100,000 Welcomes are waiting for you. Welcome to Ireland



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